keywords:Washington Senators Nationals Pennant race 2012 chat Fidel Castro, Former Washington Senators pitching prospect seen with president of the Baltimore Orioles and the Commissioner of Baseball. Washington Senators known as the Nationals, and the Griffs orGriffmen, in honor of long-time owner-manager Clark Giffith Walter Johnson best pitcher Al Schacht the self-proclaimed clown prince of baseball Charley Dryden sports editor of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote Washington--firstin war, first in peace, last in the American League


Scene from Damn Yankees

Fidel Castro, Former Senators pitching prospect ,seen with president of the Baltimore Orioles and the Commissioner of Baseball.

NEW: "Mr. 3000", Almost,the true story of a Senator who was 13 hits 

Now you will hear the tale of the Washington Senators.

The Washington Senators win or lose . . . how they played the game!

The team was known variously as the Senators,the Nationals, and the Griffs or Griffmen, in honor of long-time owner-manager Clark Giffith. The press, however, preferred the sobriquet Nats. It provided a short, snarling headline, as in 


But the team by any name would have been as hapless.

The Washington ballclubwas Keystone Kops comedy and vaudevillian melodrama rolled into one. 

Through their lengthy history . . .

They lost a season pennant in the sun because an outfielder left histrademark sunglasses in the dugout 

in a season opener a third-baseman knocked down his own pitcher witha throw toward first..

A shortstop threw wild over first base and killed a fan in the standsduring one season 

the team's best hitter mysteriously disappeared over Niagara Falls,his body found days later in the waters below 

They boasted Walter Johnson,arguably the best pitcher the game has seen and Al Schacht, the self-proclaimedclown prince of baseball. 

They were a team known less for what they did than for what was doneto them. 

They were not merely good losers, they were perfect. 

Fans of opposing teams often cheered the Senators toward victory. Afterall, what was not to like? 

In all their years in the American League, they won only three penantsand only one World Series championship.

And that came in the bottom of the 12th inning of the 7th gameof a hard-fought Series won with the help of Walter Johnson, an errantthird-base pebble and a lot of prayers. 

From the beginning of the American League the team tookon the reputation of cellar-dwellers because in the first ten years, theWashington franchise finished in the bottom berth four times.

This inspired Charley Dryden, sports editor of the SanFrancisco Chronicle, to write: Washington--firstin war, first in peace, last in the American League.

The line was parroted by vaudeville and burlesque comics,and then by baseball fans across the country. Consequently, no story aboutWashington baseball would be considered complete without the inclusionof this zinger. Never mind that after 1910, the Washington club would seldomend up in the basement. The Washington Senators -- win or lose, how theyplayed the game!



New (2009):

Gentlemen - I came across your site today and wanted you to be aware of the following:

My late father, George Case, Washington Senators outfielder and major league stolen base champion 5 years in a row, 1939-43, took 8mm COLOR home movies of life in the major leagues during his career - there are approximately 15 Hall of Famer's in their prime including DiMaggio, Williams, Dickey, Greenberg, Foxx, Grove, Appling, Gehringer etc - also quite a bit of Washington Senators and Griffith Stadium footage - ALL IN COLOR with my dad's narration - Mr. Griffith, Bucky Harris, Clyde Milan, FDR "throwing out the first ball", spring training in Orlando, many of my dad's teammates including Cecil Travis, Rick Ferrell, Walter Masterson, Buddy Meyer, Dutch Leonard - thought you might want to include this information on your Washington Senators web page - anyone interested in the DVD can send a check to me and I will mail the DVD:

 George Case

 350 Ramsey Rd

 Yardley PA 19067

 $32.95 (includes postage) - approximately 45 minutes in length - there is also some footage at the end of the DVD of the most famous of all Washington sportswriters - Shirley Povich inducting my late father into the DC Hall of Stars in 1989.

Thank you


 This DVD is a Diamond in the Rough!
 This fascinating collection of 8mm color film has been transferred to modern DVD! The disc offers a player's-eye view by Washington Senators outstanding base-runner George Case Jr. Case, six-time stolen base leader.

 Case had the foresight (1) to take these 8mm movies, (2) to take them in color, and (3) to later provide narration, thereby identifying the players for a future audience (such as us). His son, George Case III, carefully produced the DVD. And the result is . . . shear enjoyment!

The great outfielder of the Cleveland Indians and Washington Senators provides glimpses into his contemporary baseball era. These were the significant years from just before WWII to just after it (1 939- 1946). Ballplayers, many of them future Hall of Famers, are shown in living color--whether hitting, running or clowning around.

 It's wonderful to see Washington Senators greats I've read about and written about for years. You'll see George Case Jr. himself, Ossie Bluege, Bucky Harris Dutch Leonard, Buddy Lewis, and many, many others. Included are competitive baseball greats: Ted Williams, Hank Greenberg, Jimmy Foxx, Lefty Grove and many others.

 You will see Presidents FDR, Harry Truman, and Ike Eisenhower making the traditional Opening Day toss. Senators club owner Clark the Old Fox Griffith can be seen marching across Griffith Stadium in an Opening Day parade. Famed ballparks may be enjoyed--Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park. You'll see the elegant Wardman Park Hotel, home of the Washington Senators, as it was in the 1940s. And you'll laugh at baseball's Clown Princes, Nick Altrock and others, performing their comedy routines on the field before games.

 Around the League--not just a film, it's a "You Are There" experience that shouldn't be missed by Washington Senators/Nationals fans.
 -- Vance Garnett Co-owner with Bill Kennick of

Vance Garnett
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